Scott + Jeanette

We spend way too much time together. 

It was the end of a long work day and we kinda had to force smiles on this one.

Jeanette may actually be asleep in this shot.


A couple random facts about us:

+ We've been together since we were age 17 and 19

+ We went to NAIT together

+ We have no children or pets to rave about

+ We've slept comfortably on the tile floor of a Malaysian airport

+ Scott's the artsy one. Jeanette is the smart one (PS - Scott wrote this)

+ Jeanette is YEG born and raised. Scott immigrated from small town Saskatchewan

+ Jeanette will beat you in a perogy eating contest

+ We got married in Puerto Vallerta, Mexico. Scott wore a full suit at the +36 afternoon ceremony