Studio Rental FAQs

Studio Rental FAQs


Do you have tables & chairs -
We have 2 tables.
Each table is 2.5 feet wide and almost 6ft long, with a 2.ft height.
We also have 45 foldable chairs.

Do you provide chair covers and table cloths?

No, chair covers or table clothes

Do you offer discounted rate for non-profits?

Sorry, not at this time

Does the venue have sound and microphone system in place? Is there an additional fee for it?

No microphone system

Are we allowed to bring in our own food?

Yes, you can bring your own food/catering

Is alcohol allowed and do you require a licence for it?

Alcohol is permitted. You'll need a license if you are re-selling.

Is there music playing fee?

We have a bluetooth speaker which you can connect to. This is included with the studio rental. Music is to be played at a level respectable to surrounding business' during regular business hours.

Do you rent per hour or for the whole day?

We rent both hourly and daily

What would be the cost for 30 people?

Rent is flat fee, not per person.

Are there any additional fees?
Once you receive a quote from ThisOpenSpace, that should be the final price :)

Do you have a student rate?

One time 10% off.

Does it have a kitchen and space where a group of 12-16 could have a sit down dinner?

Our studio does not include a kitchen, only a small fridge for water. We have 2 folding tables and 30+ folding chairs. If you require a kitchen, we unfortunately may not be the right space for you. If its not totally required and you're still interested, we'd be happy to answer any questions you have or book a showing.

Are there Cleaning Supplies?
Cleaning supplied are in the taller black cabinet, beside the studio door. (Garbage bags, wet/dry mops, broom, etc).

Is there a lot of natural light that comes into the studio?

Yes! All of the windows in the studio are west-facing, so we get a ton of natural light, especially in the afternoons/evenings.

Seamless Paper, what’s the deal?
Only White seamless is included with your standard rental (5 ft on the floor). If you need additional colors, you have the option of adding them and they will be installed prior to your arrival.

Is there a security system in place?
The building has exterior cameras. The main floor door is alarmed. The studio door is alarmed on a separate system, with motion detection + alerts. The studio is also equipped with motion detection.